Eventy v Chorvátsku

23rd PUF International Alternative Theatre Festival

The International Alternative Theatre Festival - PUF is one of the most popular alternative theater festivals in this part of Europe. During the 20 years of its existence some 200 hundred plays have been performed, as well as over 100 accompanying programs (exhibitions, performances, concerts). This festival attracts participants from all over the world.

The performances take place at different locations around the city and are all free. Part of the program takes place at the Rojc Community Center. 

Advent in Marija Bistrica

Advent in Marija Bistrica, a place of centuries-long tradition of pilgrimage, old trades and cultural events has always been celebrated and marked in a special way. First organized manifestation Advent in Marija Bistrica was held in 2011 and since then it has been held every December. Advent is marked by occasional cultural-artistic program, Christmas fair and numerous workshops for children and adults. Advent at the national shrine is special and its atmosphere is in the sign of spirituality, family, cultural and traditional values.

Vianočná rozprávka v Čazme

Všetky vianočné rozprávky sú romantické a poučné, zvlášť keď ste hosťom rodiny Salajovcov v Grabovnici. Rodina Salajovcov totiž pripravila na vianočný čas skutočnú maškrtu pre milovníkov pravej sviatočnej atmosféry. Vtedy sa v ich predzáhradke rozsvietia státisíce farebných svetielok, ktoré vytvoria nádherný svetelný zážitok a idylu pre každého diváka. Vianočná stajňa a jasličky a výzdoba celej predzáhradky vianočnými svetielkami a inou výzdobou sľubujú nezabudnuteľný zážitok hlbokého sna a prebúdzania vo svete rozprávok, svete skutočnej chorvátskej vianočnej rozprávky.

Spectacvla antiqva

Spectacvla Antiqva is the name of the project that takes place in Pula's amphitheater once a week, from the end of June to the beginning of September, except during the Pula Film Festival. In the evening hours the Arena becomes the site of gladiator fights, workshops, visitors have a chance to see ancient Roman clothing and hairstyles while a narrator explains everything to them.

In addition to presenting the tradition and heritage, Roman history and civilization come alive in the Arena. All those interested can even enjoy gladiator fights with real weapons. Visitors can buy original souvenirs, replicas of ancient Roman pottery and mosaics.

Ice Park

Close your eyes. Imagine you are performing a spectacular pirouette in a beautiful ice park.

Are you enjoying this magical feeling? This is exactly what awaits you in King Tomislav Square – a magical winter idyll on ice. With good music playing in the background, you can enrich your outdoor ice skating experience with the fragrance and flavor of a variety of culinary delights, as well as numerous cultural events for both children and adults. You still haven't opened your eyes and put on ice skates? Don't worry, our experienced skating instructors will wake you up! Your fairy tale is real – it takes place right between the Art Pavilion and the statue of the first Croatian king, Tomislav.

Advent on Zrinjevac

One of the most popular and most beautiful symbols of Zagreb, Zrinjevac Park is the perfect place to rest not only your body, but your soul as well. 

An escape from everyday life to the park with an alley of 220 plane trees is equally magical in all seasons. But it is only during the Advent season that these large boughs light up with a special glow and the old music pavilion becomes a haven for lovers of Christmas classics and waltzes. When you think of Christmas, do you think of your childhood and family gatherings around the Christmas tree, Christmas songs and the fragrance of your grandma's dishes? If you want to truly relive those happy memories, the Advent on Zrinjevac is the perfect place for you. Apart from enjoying unique Christmas ornaments and handmade souvenirs from selected local artisans, you will have the opportunity to revel in the traditional – almost forgotten – Zagreb specialties as well. Yes, we are talking here about the well-known krpice sa zeljem (pasta with cabbage), a staple of Zagreb cuisine. And don't worry, there'll be plenty of strudels as well.

A Christmas fairy tale can commence!

Pula Carnival

3rd Pula Carnival will be held on Saturday, February 18, 2017.

The meeting of carnival groups starts in the morning at Karolina, where the carnival pageant heads towards Portarata Square, passing by the Arena, for the first presentation of carnival groups. Then they continue to Portarata Square where the organized and main presentation of carnival groups is planned at 11.30 am.

Fun for carnival groups continues at Giardini where all participants are invited to lunch, followed by a Big Carnival at Portarata for both carnival groups and spectators until 5 pm (in case of rain at Circolo- the Pula Italian Community).

According to tradition and custom, all Carnival events start much earlier, on January 17 with the Handover of the City Key to the Master of the Carnival at the City Hall. The "Pust"- traditional culprit for all the last year's troubles - is then hoisted near the traffic lights at Veli Vrh. On February 28, the burning of the "Pust" takes place, together with a special entertainment program and scrambled eggs "fritaja".

Hidden corners of Mljet

Hidden corners of Mljet is ethno – gastro manifestation held excluisively in old villages of the island of Mljet. Visit Goveđari (December 6) and enjoy in skills of local houswives and a couple of men, while they are preparing homemede products with fresh ingredients! Taste Mljet`s delicacies like makaruli, which are made of garlic and goat cheese and spread scents of welfare, pandišpanj- old cake, not so rich with indgredients as with emotions and nostalgic scent of past times; priklice, susice, arancini and product of locals – golden Mljet`s olive oil, marmelade, brandy and wine! Together with live music, klapa and folklore with interactive workshops, visitors will be able to enjoy in exhibition of old photograps and crafts – like knitting fish trap, košic (basket) and Mljet`s embroidery!

Brit Floyd

After last year's mega success on the tour that had 146 concerts, Brit Floyd, the best tribute group of the legendary rock group Pink Floyd, returns to Europe to continue their incredible journey, and once again remind us of the fantastic work of Pink Floyd. All music lovers are expected to go through 50 years of history including memorable hits from albums like The Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, The Wall and The Division Bell. As part of their tour, they will hold two performances. The first in Spaladium Arena November the 10th and the second November the 11th in Boćarski dom in Zagreb. With the latest technology worth one million dollars - BRIT FLOYD - Space and Time CONTINUUM - certainly represents the most ambitious and best Brit Floyd tour of all time. 

Čakajte prosím!